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Know Your Doctor

Dr Saravanan Shanmuganathan has more than 20 years’ experience in Pain Management both abroad and in India. Following his medical Education in India, he went to UK to pursue his Speciality training in Anaesthesia and Pain. He has been awarded the Fellow of Royal College of Anaesthesia (FRCA), London in 2005. His interests in Pain Management motivated him to get more experience in Acute and Chronic Pain Management.

What is Pain Management?

We are specially trained and qualified to offer integrated, expert assessment and management of pain. We work closely with physiotherapists, psychologists, neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons, to develop an effective treatment plan personally tailored to your needs.

Management of pain aims to reduce the pain, addressing the emotional impact of pain, helping patients move better and increase well-being through a variety of therapies including drug therapy and interventions.

If you’re living with pain which has lasted longer than three months and is impacting your ability to carry on with everyday life, you are likely experiencing chronic pain.
We offer evidence based, holistic approach and optimal outcome to chronic pain.
The technique used in pain management will depend on the nature and severity of the pain. 

Why you might need it?

There are various types of pain that can feel different depending on the part of the body they affect. The way each of us reacts to pain is also variable – some people may experience no pain from a condition that causes severe pain in another person.
Some common pain conditions are:

There are two main types of pain:

This is usually caused by something easily identifiable, such as an injury. Because it indicates an underlying problem, treating the problem will usually relieve the pain.
Anything that lasts three months or more is regarded as chronic, and this type of pain often recurs even after the underlying cause has been treated. Experiencing pain for a long time can lead to lack of sleep, a weakened immune system and a reduction in physical and social activity. All of these things can, in turn, lead to anxiety and depression. These symptoms create a vicious cycle, in which pain becomes the centre of your life. It is very important to get treatment that can reverse some of these symptoms and get you back on the road to recovery.


What Our Customers Say About Us

This is the first time I visited a pain consultant for my mother who has back pain for the past 5yrs. I was not sure what to expect. But Dr. Saravanan was very down to earth. He explained very clearly, listened to my mother and answered all our doubts. My mother is much better after the pain injections.

Mr. Vignesh Karthick

I saw Dr. Saravanan for shoulder pain. He diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and have me medications. I have been consulting him for the past 3months.I feel a lot better.

Mrs. Rajamani

I took my dad to Dr. Saravanan for his knee pain. He is very professional. My dad says his pain had gone down a lot with the injections. Great care.

Mrs. Gayathri

I exercise a lot in the gym and I had a pulled muscle. I consulted Dr. Saravanan. I am able to get back with my life with the treatment.

Mr. Santhosh

I consulted Dr. Saravanan Shanmuganathan for headaches. He gave a combination of medications and injection. I feel a lot better. He is very thorough and a complete professional.

Miss. Divya