Frequently Asked Questions

Pain specialists are expert doctors trained to address the needs of pain Patients and gives specific advice and treatments to manage their Pain.

Any Pain lasting for more than 12 weeks or 3 months please get in touch with Pain specialists to get expert advice for pain management

Basically any pain lasting for more than 3 months from Head to toe will be addressed by the Pain Specialists (eg: Headaches, Pain over face, Neck pain, Back pain, Arm/Leg pain, Joint pain, Cancer Pain etc)

Pain will be managed through medications, Injections, Pain Management programs and Counselling with the help of experts

Definitely yes. Cancer patients will need pain medications and Injections along with Pain Management Programs to address their Pain

Yes they have special Injections which can be offered to those patients to address their pain
Yes in fact they are trained doctors who can diagnose and treat any issues related to Pain
Epidurals are basically injections done by Pain Specialists in your lower back to address your pain arising from back, hip and legs
Age no bar. In fact sports and exercise related injuries will be addressed by pain specialists along with rehabilitation

Conditions such as CRPS, Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are some special conditions treated by pain specialists