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Dr Easodha has over 12years of psychiatric experience in treating patients with common and severe mental illnessess. She has worked in major psychiatric setups in UK and in India. Dr Easodha firmly believes in holistic approach, empowering and educating patients and the families when it comes to treating patients.

Consultation available for

How can a psychiatrist help?

Everyone has their ups and downs, difficulties and disappointments. But we get over them. Mental health problems are a very different matter. The first thing to understand is that your mental health is like your physical health. When something goes wrong it’s not your fault and you need the right kind of specialist treatment.

Who can I
turn to?

It’s difficult to know who to turn to, when your feelings have become negative or unusual. When it’s also affecting your family, friends and work colleagues. You don’t know what to do for the best, and neither do they. Advice, from a GP, or counsellor can be of help. However, it’s possible you need the expertise of a psychiatrist.

What does a psychiatrist do?

Psychiatrists are qualified doctors with years of specialist training. They have a deep understanding of physical and mental health and how they affect each other. They are able to diagnose a wide range of mental health conditions, prescribe medications and recommend the best approach and treatment.

How to recognise mental health problems

Today mental health is understood better than ever before and can be diagnosed and identified as specific conditions. They are given more understandable descriptions, that makes it possible for them to be treated in the most appropriate way. And for you to understand how you’re being affected. At Windermere Health Centre, consultations are available for all ages including Senior citizens, adults, teens and children.

Please refer to the service page to know more about mental health conditions that are managed at Windermere Health Centre.

What type of treatments are available?

Mental health problems are common with around one in four people experiencing them every year. If you are suffering from one of the many conditions, a combination of self-care, treatment and support, that’s right for you, will help you to get better. Many who ‘get back to their old selves’, say they should have asked for help from a specialist in mental health sooner than they did. There are many ways of treating mental health problems based on your diagnosis by a psychiatrist.

Psychiatric Medicines are the most common type of treatment available. They reduce many of the symptoms caused by mental health problems. Antidepressants are mostly prescribed if you have depression but may also be your treatment for conditions such as anxiety, OCD and eating disorders.

Talking Treatments provide a regular session for you to talk about thoughts, experiences and difficult feelings that are affecting your normal emotional wellbeing. This method can be used to develop more positive ways of living day to day, as well as coping with unsettling memories, improving relationships and dealing with a specific problem. 

Please refer to the service page to know more about the treatments offered.

Before you decide on any method or take any medication, make sure you have looked properly at all of the options and advice and that you feel confident and comfortable in your decision.